Sunday, 15 November 2009

Oh dear god

When I scrolled down the picture below, I was thinking to myself "that's gotta be somewhere in Germany" before I even got to the shopping bag.

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Of course, that may be because I haven't spent much time in Eastern Europe.

(I also overlooked the word "Juwelier". Both times it appears. And right up until I previewed this post, in fact. Look, I haven't been getting much sleep lately, okay?)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Oh, I'm the bitch of the piece, am I?

Some brilliant person has enriched YouTube with a whole bunch of the classic Lynne and Carmel skits from the eighties and nineties,  by Magda Szubanski and Jane Turner  -  of Kath & Kim fame for those who weren't watching Australian television twenty years ago.  I always thought Magda's talents were terribly underused on Kath &  Kim.  The woman is an utter genius.

There's a few clips there too of another hilarious character of hers from that era,  Chenille,  on  "Janelle's Beauty Spot"  with Marg Downey.  Alas,  not nearly as much of Chenille as there is of Lynne,  but still classic stuff.