Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Outlook: unchanged

I was going to write another rant here about the euro crisis, but then I re-read my last post from January and realised that I basically said it all back then.  The situation has barely changed.  There's a somewhat greater sense of urgency and desperation in the air, although admittedly not, it would seem, on the part of Angela Merkel, who has only become more blatant in her refusal to countenance the action necessary to save the euro.  This despite the fact that even she now seems to realise that Germany will be in plenty of trouble when the euro breaks up.

Looks like Paul Keating was right yet again.

The only positive thing I've seen anywhere lately was this opinion piece from Berlin's Tagesspiegel, which is the most sensible assessment of the situation I have ever seen in the German media.

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